You’re engaged! Now it’s time to think about preserving the moment. There is a lot to decide when scheduling your engagement photo session: location, time, and of course, what to wear. 

It can be stressful and overwhelming, so here are my top tips for what to wear for your engagement session to alleviate stress and help you have the best engagement session.

These tips are included in my “Engagement Session Outfit Guide,” provided for all of my clients. All of my wedding packages also include an engagement shoot. If you do not have a photographer yet for your big day, you can inquire on my contact page!

1. Comfortable and Personable outfits lead to Confidence.

It’s important to wear something that is comfortable and shows off your personality. If you typically stick to more casual clothing like jeans and a t-shirt, don’t wear a tight fitting cocktail dress or suit and tie, that’s just not you. The more comfortable you are in your outfit, the more natural the photos will look. Wearing something you are uncomfortable in is a sure way to come off awkward and stiff. Confidence on the outside elevates confidence on the inside.

Fall couples walking photo in solid colored outfits on the train tracks at Olde Rope Mill Park in Georgia
Fall couples photo on the train tracks at Olde Rope Mill Park in Georgia
Fall couple sitting down on the train tracks photo at Olde Rope Mill Park in Georgia

2. Bring options! I always recommend my couples bring two outfit options: Casual and Dressy.

Bringing choices to your engagement shoot will give diversity to your photos and allow us to create a variety of looks for your gallery. You can lean into the playful aspect of your relationship with movement prompts and lifts when your outfit doesn’t get in the way. A more formal option will give you the classic engagement photos to show your family and mount on the wall. Together, different outfits show off all sides of your relationship as you take the next steps.

3. Coordinate don’t match

You and your future spouse should coordinate the outfit aesthetic, but don’t match. Your outfits should be the same level of dressy or casual. Find colors that complement each other – for example, blues with cream, blush with navy, and floral with blue. Wearing the same color top and bottom as your partner gives a JCPenney family portrait vibe, and we don't want that.

Classic white dress outfit for engagement session photos at Mill Creek Pond in Georgia
Fall engagement photo at Mill Creek Pond
Sitting down engagement photo at Mill Creek Pond

4. Stick to neutral colors

Neutral colors always photograph best, and they go with every time of year and environment. Don’t be afraid to wear white – now’s the time! I also recommend staying away from big and busy patterns. If you have a dress or shirt that you love with a loud pattern, bring it! Just have your partner offset the pattern with a solid, complementary color.

5. Location, Location, Location

Always keep the location of your session in mind when choosing your outfits. If you are hiking to a waterfall or the top of a mountain, maybe heels aren’t the way to go. When your outfit matches the landscape it creates a seamless photo that looks stunning. Just like location, you want to keep the season in mind as well. If you want fall or winter engagement photos, wear warmer clothes and accessories. If you want spring or summer photos wear sundresses or lighter clothing. You want to dress appropriately for the time of year, in style and color.

Fall couples photo in the corn maze in north Georgia
Fall couples photo at the pumpkin patch in North Georgia
Candid prompt couples photo in the corn maze in north Georgia