Answering your frequently asked questions when it comes to working with me as your Atlanta Georgia wedding and couples photographer! Of course, if there are any other questions that you may have that I didn't answer in this blog post, always feel free to reach out!

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FAQ'S : Atlanta Georgia Photography Photoshoots

When is the best time for my Georgia engagement photoshoot?

Determining the best time for your session depends on various factors, such as the session type and your preferences. However, a widely favored time is during the golden hour, just before sunset. This period offers a warm, soft light that enhances photos. Keep in mind, though, that the timing of golden hour may vary with the season, typically occurring from early to late evening.

What if I can't pose or I'm feeling too awkward?

If you're feeling unsure or awkward about posing, rest assured, it's a common concern. I'm here to alleviate those worries. With my guidance, I'll direct you with precise poses and engaging prompts, ensuring a natural and relaxed atmosphere during the shoot.

What kind of outfit should I wear for my Georgia engagement photoshoot?

Selecting the right attire for your session is crucial. Opt for neutral and natural colors, as they tend to complement various backgrounds. Most importantly, choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident, allowing for genuine and candid moments to be captured. To assist you further, I provide an outfit guide to simplify the decision-making process.

What if I don't know the best location to have my Georgia photoshoot?

I love love love this question! I am always happy to provide you with some location suggestions for your Georgia couples photoshoot or engagement photoshoot! I also love to highlight sessions in my blog, so that can also be a great resource for you to check out as well to help find inspiration!

lovely couple pose together arm in arm
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FAQ'S : Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer

What should I include in my Georgia wedding details box?

Your wedding details box should include key items such as your dress, shoes, rings, and veil. Additionally, consider including your bouquet, any jewelry you'll be wearing, and perhaps a bottle of your chosen wedding perfume. Stationery, including invite suites and special vow books, are also important to capture in detail shots at the start of the day. Don't forget to include any sentimental or unique items that hold significance for you and your partner, as these can add a personal touch to your wedding album.

I've seen first look photos before but I've heard that is bad luck, is this true?

This decision comes with its own set of pros and cons. On the plus side, opting for a first look can streamline your schedule, providing more time between the ceremony and reception. It can also be a special, intimate moment for just the two of you amidst the whirlwind of the day. A first look can help ease nerves and ensures ample daylight for portraits and bridal party photos. That said, it's not a must-have. The choice to do a first look or not is entirely personal and should align with your preferences as a couple. If a full first look doesn't appeal, there are alternative options, such as a "first touch," that can also create a meaningful moment before the ceremony!

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FAQ'S : Keri Lindekugel Photography

How long will it be before I get my gallery?

You can expect sneak peeks within 48 hours for all sessions and weddings. For sessions, the full gallery is usually ready 2-3 weeks after, while for weddings, it's 6-8 weeks. Your photos will be delivered through an online gallery, making it easy to purchase prints directly. You also have the option to have your photos printed and shipped to your house or other family members!

Do you help with my timelines for my Georgia wedding day?

Yes, I do! All my wedding packages include a pre-wedding zoom meeting. During this meeting, we'll work together to design, go over, and finalize a custom timeline for your wedding day! This ensures that everything runs smoothly, and we have plenty of time to capture all the moments you want, while still allowing you ample time to enjoy your big day with your loved ones!

What's your photography style as an Atlanta Georgia Photographer?

My style blends posed portraits with candid shots. While I'll capture the big moments of your day, I also focus on the small, in-between moments. These candid shots capture the true, raw emotions of you, your family, and friends! I see myself as a storyteller, aiming to narrate your special day through your gallery. My editing style is romantic, authentic, and timeless, ensuring your photos remain true to life. Years later, when you look back on them, you'll remember exactly how your day looked and felt!

What can I expect when I book a Georgia engagement or wedding with you?

I am always casual and fun with my clients. I like to tailor my client experience and session/wedding day to the couple. If you are a couple that is very outgoing then I will be loud and fun and try different unique poses. Whereas if you are a more reserved and shy couple, I will be quieter and more reassuring when taking your photos while providing more direction and prompts. I want your experience to feel like it was custom designed for YOU and that I really am paying attention to you as a couple and not just going through the motions.

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lovely couple pose together during their couples photoshoot

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