All things Keri...

Hi there! I am 25 years old but sometimes have the personality of a grandma. I live in Roswell with my wonderful fiancé Joe and our adorable puppy Frank (he is a Weiner dog and yes, we named him Frank cause we thought it would be hilarious... which it is).

Some basics that define me:
- Coffee (addicted).
- 2000s pop punk (it's not a phase)
- Italian food (I could live off pasta for the rest of my life).
- Fall and Christmas lights (I'm obsessed).

The moment can't last forever, but the feeling can

What you get when you book with me

- Natural and beautiful images that transport you back to your special day, even years later!
- #1 hype girl
- Bonus Jonas of your wedding party (#iykyk)
- Human jukebox (try me I know everything)
- Crazy lady with a mom-purse full of everything
-Chaotic good energy with an eagle eye for stray hairs, smeared makeup, and veil and dress layouts. No detail big or small will get past this girl!
- And of course, a bestie for life! Want anniversary photos, having a baby, I gotchu. Let's grow together!

Sounds good to me!